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Tue Jul 20 05:07:26 CDT 2004

Simon Malia wrote:
>>My heartfelt thanks Jim

To which Jim replied:

>Any time!

>>... and now I can
>>concentrate of finding *another* quote (from an *audio* source) to help
>>bullet-point the CDr box-set I'm making for the car... Suggestions warmly

>Just a favorite Who quote, or did you have a particular theme in mind?

Well, the project is to make my own six-CD "box-set" to play in the car. A 
sort of personal-taste upgrade of "30 Years of Maximum R'n'B".

CD 1 ("Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - Mod to Punk") is essentially 64-66, CD 2 
66-70 ("Amazing Journey - Pop-Art to Art-Pop"), 3 is 70-71 ("Going Mobile - 
Fringes, Tassles and Hassles),
4 is 72 -78 ("Music Must Change - Rhythm'n'Booze), 5 is Post-Keith ("After 
The Fire - Getting On With It) and CD 6 is a sort of Odds'n'Sods style 
grab-bag round-up of stuff I couldn't fit in anywhere else ("Young Man Blues 
- Whose Who?")

So - the idea is to add a little "colour" along the way - much the same way 
that the "official" box-set features stage announcements etc. I've 
identified a few I want to drop in - Pete saying "Play some rock'n'roll? 
What do you think THAT was then? Bleedin' Mantovani??" (which I found the 
other week, and now I've lost again - I *think* it's on "Who's Last" 

Anywhooo - this thing's taking ages to do. The software I'm using is not 
great, and there've been a LOT of coasters so far. But now I've got a decent 
rough-cut set which I've been listening to for a few weeks, and mentally 
editing. What I want to do now is add those splashes of colour - stage 
announcements, quotes from "30 Years - Live", from "TKAA" etc etc.

So suggestions - MOST welcome...

And now - back to the shadows...

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