Songwriters' Hall of Fame

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Jul 19 23:05:47 CDT 2004

>I inquired about it and even got sent some materials, but in order to vote
one must be a dues-paying member of the Hall, and as much as I love Pete, 
not ready to fork out $50 just to be able to cast a vote for him.

I requested materials, too.  $50 wouldn't do it; you had to be a 
professional working in the field and buy at least a $100 membership in 
order to vote.  Looking over their literature, I began to suspect what they 
wanted was money.  Hence my suggestion that Pete send them a big donation 
the next time his name came up on the ballot.  At the very least, that would 
make them feel awkward about not voting him in.  ;)

>I'm already spending over $600 on seats for Who concerts and that's where 
>I'd rather spend
my Who money.  You're right, though.  It was insipid.  Quite a bore.  
Couldn't continue watching for more than 5 minutes.

What was that style?  Las Vegas?  Even Don McLean sounded like Wayne Newton.


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