Pete's spiritual lyrics

AlxandriaWho at AlxandriaWho at
Mon Jul 19 22:32:25 CDT 2004

Well, since I would never have guessed that Bargain was about God, I'd think 
some of Pete's more recent lyrics could be more than meets the eye too.
On psyhoderelict, "Now and Then" seems to talk about the fatality of love, 
and The Grid has some odd possible meanings...Flame naturally has spiritual 
tones but I see it's written by Simon.  "Hiding Out" on white city has interesting 
over tones...while "Crashing by Design" almost rejects spirituality.
For me , the stuff written directly to Meher Baba tends to get a bit much 
sometimes, I prefer the subtler ones.
I know its older, but "Sleeping Dog" I think is pretty amazing.

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