Sir Elton ignorant

Mon Jul 19 22:13:00 CDT 2004

i'd suggest you keep these opinions to yourselves before this turns into 
another non-stop political thread.  you're a conservative so you don't know what 
it's like to have a "liberal" point of view in a somewhat "conservative 
environment".  I notice you didn't say anything about the dixie chicks / toby keith 
thing elton pointed out. and just recently, Linda ronstadt was booed off the 
stage at the aladdin in vegas, and banned from the venue practically forever, 
all because she started praising michael moore and "fahrenheit". however, if she 
said "I support the troops" and bush is doing a good job, and "we're all 
american" or something like that, she'd probably be applauded and cheered ay? 

ah well. just my opinion. just wanted to get all this off my chest. we can 
continue talking who stuff now. : )

by the way, I kinda cringe at the first few lines of "baba o' riley" myself. 

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