Who songs Roger sings better and worse today than before

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Mon Jul 19 21:20:44 CDT 2004

OK, here's a thread I've been thinking about for a while and have decided to 
post to get comment.  As I listen to the Encore CDs and watch RAH 2000, then 
watch IOW and TKAA and listen to vintage studio and live boots, I am struck by 
how polaraized my opinions are in regard to how Roger sings the songs these 
days compared to old.  Some I like a lot better and some I hate.

Who are You- I prefer Roger's different inflections and cadences that he uses 
these days to the studio version.  Every live version I've heard of this song 
I prefer to the original.

Baba O'Riley- UGH!!!  I cringe at those first two lines and what he does with 
those notes.  I have to admit that I hate what he does with this song.  I do 
like the big "OOOOHHHH!" right after they launch back into the main riff after 
Pete's vocals and the primal, high pitched scream he does on "They're all 
wasted!"  But the rest... bletch!

I Can't Explain- somehow I prefer his vocal intensity now to before, and the 
few yips and yelps he throws in.

TKAA- He needs to drop those upward pitch moves in the verses.  "I feel I 
gotta get away-eeeeee." It doesn't work.  He sounds sickly when he does it.  I 
think most people listening to an encore CD would agree.  It might sound good 
from a vintage Rog, but our Rog today needs to stick to the original notes, 

I think ya'll get my drift.  Any thoughts?


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