Pete and the Songwriters Hall

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Mon Jul 19 21:00:26 CDT 2004

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> MC, you were the one who brought this up earlier in the year, weren't you?  
> We were wondering why Pete hadn't been honored, and I thought it was because 
> he hadn't make a big donation, remember?
> The induction ceremony is on TV tonight and it's pretty insipid stuff.  
> Maybe Pete's music is too noisy and too hard rock for them, eh?  Definitely 
> Roger wouldn't fit in with these singers.  The Who would totally destroy 
> their ambience.
> keets

I inquired about it and even got sent some materials, but in order to vote 
one must be a dues-paying member of the Hall, and as much as I love Pete, I'm 
not ready to fork out $50 just to be able to cast a vote for him.  I'm already 
spending over $600 on seats for Who concerts and that's where I'd rather spend 
my Who money.  You're right, though.  It was insipid.  Quite a bore.  Couldn't 
continue watching for more than 5 minutes.  


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