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Mon Jul 19 15:31:21 CDT 2004

> The Dolls, when they met in the early 1970s, had
> absolutely no musical
> ability whatsoever. None of them could sing, none of
> them could play an
> instrument and perhaps as a result none of the
> albums they released was what
> you would call a commercial success.



David Johansen not able to sing???

Gotta love the Dolls, even if you like their lessor
cousins, Aerosmith.

> "Dressed to kill?" I thought this was sarcasm.


Don't forget, this was in the 80's and Pete was a part
of the "new romantics" scene for a minute or two.

> Sure.  So you think this is a call for democratic
> values?

No, just saying "be yourself and enjoy it." I don't
think it had anything to do with rich or poor.

> Let's do another song for comparison.

Name it. I could do any of his songs.

> Which of
> Pete's earlier songs do you 
> think are more spiritual and uplifting, as opposed
> to these later ones?

No, I'm tempted to go for the easy Bargain
as opposed to Squeeze Box. Someone else should pick.

> Oh, I trace the origin of punk back to some
> Shepherd's Bush group.


Preach ON, my brotha!

> After that....things go south.


And...I'm already in the South. Damn! Now what do I

> Hey, if you can't even remember what the hell a
> tundra is, how you going to be a stompin'?

I'll remember, I'll stomp. Trust me.

> his sled (VT for snowmobile) over on the side of
> trail and that....was that.

Speaking of VT, I was watching The Survivors last
night...part of which is set in snow-bound VT..."It's
weather like this that make you realize men have
nipples too!"

> It's a way of saying a chick is really hot.

I don't read it that way. That would be "Babe." No, I
think it's the fantasy of pure and beautiful women,
with souls and personalities to match. Something we
all (men, I mean, although some women too) seek but
rarely find. And that I think is why it's's
an ideal.

"I understand that the unrest in the Middle East
creates unrest throughout the region."
          George "See, I AM smart!" Bush

Cheers         ML

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