Real estate

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Jul 19 13:44:37 CDT 2004

>Living here in Sonoma County, north of San Francisco on the coastal
redwoods has its price, and that is the Wine Country cost of living,
which is unbelievable....median home prices are over 1/2 million, and
rent costs us more than my mortgage did in Morro Bay by some $600.00
a month.

You have my sympathy, but I think it's getting like that all over.  I've 
always liked real estate as an investment, and I've always managed to keep 
the taxes pretty low, but these days I'm sort of wondering what 
breath-taking value the true market $$ might be.  It might be like Pete's 
house that inflated so quickly when the press was looking at it last year.   


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