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An English Boy peter_dennis_blandford_townshend at
Mon Jul 19 12:49:47 CDT 2004

From: Sroundtable at

>I noticed you made a couple of posts a few weeks ago and haven't heard from
>you since.  I know you used to live in the SF area and was wondering if you
>were going to the Who at Shoreline Amph in August?

Well, mc, an old friend asked if she could take my Fiance, Sharon,
and I to see TheWho-> in the 8th row at Shoreline as an early wedding
present, secured the tix (so she said) and then called a couple weeks
later with a mouthful of lame excuses, and then topped it off by bailing
on photographing our wedding (her idea) as promised.

So, it now looks very unlikely, (compounded by an upcoming dental bill
for Sharon's 13 yr. old wh0 needs braces totalling $5500.00, and the
expense of paying for the whole wedding and reception ourselves).

Living here in Sonoma County, north of San Francisco on the coastal
redwoods has its price, and that is the Wine Country cost of living,
which is unbelievable....median home prices are over 1/2 million, and
rent costs us more than my mortgage did in Morro Bay by some $600.00
a month.

Yes....I'll have some bread and cheese to go along with my WHINE!!

By the way, I'm not part of the **Wine-Fag** crowd, never did give a damn
for the bloody shite......I'm still a music-fag and guitar-fag myself!!

AnEnglishBoy~ (lost in Wine-Fag Country....U.S. Fucking A.)

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