Hope I die before I get old

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Mon Jul 19 12:03:59 CDT 2004

Kevin wrote:

 > Me, I plan on dying the same way as my good friend's dad did....pulled
his sled (VT for snowmobile) over on the side of trail and that....was

This post and you previous post about your 84-yr-old father hit a strong
chord with me this weekend as I looked upon my 72-yr-old father actively
arranging a relay race and tug-o-war on the beach for all these kids at
our family reunion.    He's not close to the physical man he used to
be but is still in pretty good shape.   He actually played a few minutes in
a pickup game over the 4th just for a few laughs and photos.    He did
fall down in those few minutes and it reminded everyone there how fragile
he's become.   It really must suck to whither away.

You inspired me to let him know how proud I was
of him, and how I didn't have a clue about what he was going through
as the aging - that relentless beast - hunts him down.

More amazing than ever is the 59 year old Townshend at MSG in May;
doing windmills and leaps and sweet vocals.    Pete looks to be taking
care of himself.

Joe in Philly 

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