Sticks in the Air query - an answer at last!

simon malia malias40 at
Mon Jul 19 07:43:39 CDT 2004

Jim M wrote:

>>By the way, someone (Jo?) asked about a quote a few weeks ago that I just
read in that booklet.      It was from an interview the day of the Leeds

>>Keith: "...We are difficult to record because we don't work any different 
the studio to on stage.  Drumsticks are in the air when they should be on
drums and arms are flying when they should be on guitar..."<<

My heartfelt thanks Jim - for I was that someone... and now I can 
concentrate of finding *another* quote (from an *audio* source) to help 
bullet-point the CDr box-set I'm making for the car... Suggestions warmly 

Simon in Liverpool

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