The Whootles again........

Bruce bkawak at
Sun Jul 18 17:41:05 CDT 2004

> The Dolls, when they met in the early 1970s, had absolutely no musical
> ability whatsoever. None of them could sing, none of them could play an
> instrument and perhaps as a result none of the albums they released was
> you would call a commercial success.

They weren't that bad. :) Their look and attitude got them the notoriety.
Their music played by anyone else wouldn't have raised an eyebrow, :) its
just straight rock 'n' roll.

> Today, however, they are seen by many as one of the most important pieces
of the rock'n'roll jigsaw.

Like I said they had the punk attitude more than anything else.  Musically
'70s punk had more to do with MC5 and The Stooges.  Is it a coincedence that
all three of these bands (what's left of them, they all have dead members)
have done reunion shows in the last year?  I saw MC5 last month.

> They were punks before punk rock had been invented so it was only right
> proper that Morrissey should invite them over for a reunion gig.

Oh, I trace the origin of punk back to some Shepherd's Bush group.  I'll
never forget this quote from Neal Schon (Journey, Santana) of all people
when dismissing the then current Punk scene. "I saw punk rock ten years ago,
it was called The Who!"

> puzzled me was how he intended to do it because, put simply, most of them
> were dead.

The same way it takes 2 to be The Who.

> Meanwhile, the guitarist Johnny Thunders had expired in a blizzard of

I remember watching him do a solo gig in the late 70s on cable TV (USA
Nightflight?) and for the entire concert one eye never opened and the other
was open for less than half the time. I was shocked he made it through
another decade. He played Chuck Berry's Too Much Monkey Business and changed
it to Too Much Junkie Business. :)


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