The Who's reputation

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Jul 18 12:52:13 CDT 2004

>No need to interpret it. "It's a put on..." The words are there. It's a 
>plea to drop your eminence front and be yourself "Come on join the 

"Dressed to kill?" I thought this was sarcasm.

>You don't know people who hide behind their "importance?"  Does the song 
>not apply perfectly to them?

Sure.  So you think this is a call for democratic values?  You think the 
bankers there in Myrtle Beach should invite the poor to their house for 
drinks and to spend the day on their yachts?  Or that they should be more 
accessible to businessmen trying to get a loan?  Or maybe that Pete and 
(other stars) should be more accesible to fans?

>And I didn't mean to imply they hide only from "superiors." It could be as 
>common as a boyfriend hiding what he feels like are his bad traits from his 
>new girlfriend, and vice versa. THAT is happening in hundreds of thousands 
>of relationships all of the time all over the world.

Let's do another song for comparison.  Which of Pete's earlier songs do you 
think are more spiritual and uplifting, as opposed to these later ones?


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