The Whootles again........

John Hughes pureneasy at
Sun Jul 18 04:23:36 CDT 2004

Jeremy Clarkson, who is the Sunday Times' and BBC's motoring correspondent,
also writes a weekly column in the Sunday Times about - well, anything he
wants to really.

This week he chose to write about how rock stars staying alive is killing
rock n roll.

In the article,  link here,,176-1182445,00.html

and reproduced below without consent (as registration is needed to read it
on line) Jeremy considers that "The Who lost their bassist and drummer and
the Beatles their guitarist and song writer. Maybe they should team up and
form the Hootles. It's an idea."

As we all know, it's an old idea, this "pairing" was being bandied about on
Who lists within days of John's death.

Anyway, it's a peasantly amusing piece and worth reading:-)



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