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Rush continues to be influential not just as a band but as three
individuals. Peart is often cited as one of rock's greatest drummers.
Lee is an inspirational bassist and lyricist. And Lifeson has given
many guitar players fits in trying to trace his work.

But Lifeson says he is "still in awe of the guys that I grew up with
and what they meant to me."

"In fact, going through this stuff for `Feedback,' I realized how much
of me is Jeff Beck and especially Pete Townshend," Lifeson says. "When
I list the people who inspired me as a kid, I usually say Eric Clapton
and especially Jimmy Page. But really, I think Townshend's probably
one of the biggest influences I ever had -- really taught me something
about chords and how to create a big guitar sound without turning it
up really loud."

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