New Q magazine in the UK - the 150 greatest rock lists ever

John Hughes pureneasy at
Sat Jul 17 17:07:41 CDT 2004

This amusing special magazine contains, as it says, nothing but music
oriented lists.

Sample lists include Rock stars who suffer from stage fright, evergreen lies
bands ever tell, 20 cross dressing anthems .... which is where we start the
Who content!

List 145, Cross dressing anthems.

Features songs like Lola, Candy says, and at number two - narrowly pipped to
the post by Charles Aznavour (or as we used to call him when I was at
school, Charles As no voice) is I'm a Boy, complete with a picture of Pete
in Widow Twankey garb, which I don't believe I've seen before, or if I have,
completley forgotten about.

List 126, Lesser  known siblings who've tried their hand at pop

Features Simon Townshend, in such luminous company as Chris Jaggger, Tyka
Nelson (Prince's sister) and Jamie Lynn Spears and Pamela Springsteen.

List 106, 10 double albums that should have been single albums

Feature Quadrophenia as well as The White Album, Electric Ladyland, The
River, London Calling and others

List 101 9 songs you always skip when you play the album

Features (somewhat cruelly I thought) Goin' mobile from Who's Next

List 93 20 wannabe pop stars and the bands they wanted to join

features one Robert Plant who, it is said by Pete Townshend, offered himself
for the job as singer for the Who in 1966 after they temporarily fired Roger

List 43, 5 disappointing live albums from usually great acts

well, come on, who guessed Who's Last before you got this far :-)

List 39, 10 live albums to make you rush home from the bar

The Who's entry is, not unnaturally, Live at Leeds, though it soesn't day
whether it's the Luke at leeds, original vinyl, reissued, or re reissued CD

List 37, 4 classic gig set lists

includes the set list for the Who's set at Woodstock.

List 16, songs about masturbation

feature Pictures of Lilly - and a very odd photo of Roger carrying a giant
erect penis and balls - I think these were props from Lisztomania!

The magazine is actually very amusing to read and will give many great
opening lines such as  "hey, I bet you didn't know that the story that Gene
Simmons had a cow's tongue grafted onto his" is untrue :-)



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