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Sat Jul 17 13:25:28 CDT 2004

> I'm sure Pete and The Who know many more qualified
> people and organizations that could do a bit on The
> Who.


But don't forget, Roger likes Moore (no James Bond
reference intended). He might be the one who made the
contact, and (if) when he declined, Pete (when told)
might have gotten his back up.
It's not impossible.

> What about:


OK, the songs specifically says they're hiding behind
an eminence front. That would mean they're putting up
a front that makes them appear to be more important
than they might be.
And...that's not spiritual. It's social.

> There ARE some spiritual interpretations here, Mark.

But they ARE intepretations. I guess you can take
anything and connect it...six points of separation,
right? I'll bet I could connect them all to Kevin
Bacon, too.

>  I think the fact that 
> you see no spirituality in this song has to do with
> your interpretation.

Well, I know that I'm NOT interpreting and that's why
I don't see it! I'm taking the lyrics at face value!

> If 
> we consider that these people may be hiding behind a
> false front from the 
> inevitability of death and/or from the frightening
> realities of the world

There's no indication of this, however. None
whatsoever. They could just as easily be hiding from a
terrorist, but I don't think the song is about the
Twin Towers.

> and that the big wheel is a symbol from an animistic
> religion,

Again, it seems more likely this is an expression.
"Waiting for the wheel" to turn around again.

> then maybe 
> this song has strongly spiritual elements after all.

Maybe...if you extrapolate.

> I love this song.  It is one of Pete's absolute
> best.

I can't agree. I think his best is more like Pure And
Easy or Now And Then. EF is not even as good Who Funk
as The Relay...another song I like better.

> in touch with the univeral truth.

"But what is truth? Is truth unchanging law? We both
have truths. Are mine the same as yours?"
     Tim Rice

> talking to a specific person.  Himself?

There would have to be a degree of that in any of his
songs...putting himself in the role of the subject.
That's what writers to.

> "I know one day your big villain style
> Will collapse as they turn the key in the door of
> your cell"

It COULD be Pete. I'm sure he's done things he's
regretted, and that's what the lyrics are about.

> Or suppressed?

They'd almost half to be. We all have emotions. Hell,
even Spock had to surpress his.

> But when he chooses
> that word "angels," he's invoking spiritual imagery.
 He's talking about his
> soul soaring up (to join the stars of rock and

Songwriters always use such imagery. I know the last
time I fell in love I felt like I was walking in the

> Oh flame, you set me on fire

Uh...Simon wrote Flame.

> I think you're attributing too much significance to


I agree.

> Rush features it 
> in one of their songs (The Big Wheel), and also
> Journey (Wheel in the Sky)

Now...there was NO CALL to compare Pete with Journey
and Rush.

> and maybe Creedence Clearwater Revival (Proud Mary).

NO! That's about a freaking RIVERBOAT! That's what the
song is about!
Me thinks you're seeing spiritual wheels where there
art none.

Besides, you forgot ELO "Big wheel turning/Baby I

> Sammy Hagar: "Only time will tell if we can stand
the test of time."


Hadn't heard it. I liked Hagar in Montrose, but never
got into his later stuff...or any Van Halen after the
first one.
Sounds like something Loverboy might sing ("You want a
piece of my heart/You'd better start at the start...")
or something I might quote at the end of an EMail.

"I'm a patient man. And when I say I'm a patient man,
I mean I'm a patient man."
   George "somebody call me a doctor" Bush

Cheers         ML

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