That big wheel

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Sat Jul 17 09:07:29 CDT 2004

>Jim M petenotped
>That big wheel
>I think you're attributing too much significance to this lyric because of
>Pete's prior songwriting depth.

That, or thinking about the use of the term as it relates to that song by
"Oh the wheel in the sky keeps on turning"
Seem to indicate time passing....
"Don't know where I'll be tomorr-rr-roww-ho-ho."
Lottery of life?


>Fact is a turning wheel or thinning hair
>are just two clichéd metaphors for passing of time.

Time Is Passing?  ;-)

>I also like the song,
>but this line doesn't deserve this kind of dissection.

I also think the meaning of the lyrics of "Lucky fucks and angels" is being
Angels is simply the "in crowd" girls.  The hotties.  Pete's been staring at
his Victoria Secret catalog too much.
And the "lucky fucks" are those blokes that were lucky enough to be able to
get in the angels pants (so to speak).
It's about being cool enough to run with the "cool crowd."

Angels is one of the most overused terms in rock.
It rarely, if ever, has anything to do with spirituality.

Kicking some serious ass in the big Mountains...

Kevin in VT
Jim M

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