Why Jim *still* hasn't seen IOW

Jim M petenotped at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 17 09:05:23 CDT 2004

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> >, I had a major Who hiatus from 1991 to about 2001.
> WHAT?????????????

Bless me, Cousin, for I have sinned.  But, I never stopped loving them (sob,
sob, sniff).

A whole lot of things came together at that time for me.  Mostly being in a
new country and discovering lots of new things.  Also, not having any money
for stuff like decent stereo equipment and CDs. The most ironic thing is
that, although I was living in their home country, and even neighborhoods, I
heard almost nothing about them.  Even when they went on the Quad tour.  I
was gone before 1999, so I don't know how much attention they get now.

I think I mentioned how close I was to the areas Pete lives and grew up.
Looking back now I could have visited so many places.  I lived in Chiswick,
but never looked for the house where his family lived when he was born.  I
spent countless days in Richmond, all over Richmond Hill, but never looked
to see where he lives.  I've been down Goldhawk Road many times, but never
noticed the club they played at.  And I've sat by the Thames in Twickenham
looking at Eel Pie Island with only a curious thought as to whether Pete's
studio was in the vicinity.

> I don't stand in judgment.

But, do you "sit in judgement of all wrong?"

> Just making sure you understand the gravity of the situation.

Oh, I know.  When I think of the opportunities I missed over the
years...well, it's better if I don't.  You know the thing is, if you don't
belong to an internet list like this, you can quite easily be completely
unaware of what The Who are doing.  I don't have a lot of Who buddies.  I
caught up with one the other day and gave him some CDs that I thought he
wouldn't have heard, and he was astounded.  Old stuff, new stuff, he had no
idea.  I gave him the CD from Mansfield and told him I went.  He said, "They
were here in May?"

You've really got to make an effort to stay up to date with what's going on
with this band.  And, the internet is the best way, by far.  I didn't even
*have* internet access until 1997, probably 1999 at home!  I had discounted
any possibility that they would have become as good as they were.  I think I
checked out Pete's site when someone I knew got broadband and downloaded
some of the 2000 tour songs he posted.  That got my attention, but the tour
was over.  Then 911 happened and I saw them on TV at the CFNY.  OK, when
they come again, I *will* go.  Then John dies.  Then Pete's arrested.  I
join this list to hear the real story and I find out about a whole lot of
stuff I never knew.

It's a sorry tale, but it's mine.  Truth is, without 911 and without Pete's
arrest, I'm probably very happy playing my old Who CDs from time to time and
more or less oblivious to what they're doing now.

Jim M

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