That big wheel

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Jul 17 07:56:15 CDT 2004

>I think you're attributing too much significance to this lyric because of 
>Pete's prior songwriting depth.  Fact is a turning wheel or thinning hair 
>are just two clichéd metaphors for passing of time.  I also like the song, 
>but this line doesn't deserve this kind of dissection.

Maybe not.  You're right that it's commonly used, but I did want to make the 
point that it's a spiritual rather than social reference.  Rush features it 
in one of their songs (The Big Wheel), and also Journey (Wheel in the Sky), 
and maybe Creedence Clearwater Revival (Proud Mary).

Placing a metaphor for the passing of time next to all those scenes of the 
rich playing is what suggests they're hiding from reality or death.  There 
are also metaphors for war games and business, all tied together in the 
eminence front.  It's a wonderfully complex idea packed into very minimal 


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