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Sat Jul 17 07:55:11 CDT 2004

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> BTW, I really like that word "glitter" that W.D.  Keller has on his site
> better than the "theater" that we got in the "official" verison of the
> lyrics (which also insisted it was "bucks" instead of that other word that
> Roger actually sings).  I can't make theater work in the song very well.
> Glitter is about stars.

That's nice, you just keep on singing "glitter", then.  We know why the
official lyrics say "bucks" instead of "fucks."  They have no reason to
change "glitter".  Plus, Roger sings it as "theatre."  What more do you
want?!?!?!?  The theatre in the sky would be where the angels play out their
dramas, I guess.

But, I agree with your main point.  The song is spiritual.  When Pete wrote
"God gave me a grace..." he meant it.

Jim M

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