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Fri Jul 16 22:51:15 CDT 2004

> >This one is a little more mysterious (what man?),

>ANY man.

Well, yeah.  Generally we can apply his songs to any man, and this one does 
have general parts, BUT there are some lines of it that sound like Pete's 
talking to a specific person.  Himself?  Maybe some of it.  Somebody he 
knows?  This bit below doesn't sound like it's himself; it's very specific.  
Even if you assume a subtext, it seems addressed to a particular person.  It 
leaves me curious.

"I know one day your big villain style
Will collapse as they turn the key in the door of your cell"

>>We won't love him more if he keeps his soul on the ice

>That IS an expression, though. It's someone who keeps his emotions hidden, 
>which is oft seen as being stronger than someone who is willing to let 
>people know he's human.

Or suppressed?

>>I know a man who's a man

>Pete's saying that it's more manly to be true to yourself rather then 
>pretend to be a cold, unfeeling

And one that brags about breaking bottles and maybe bricks with his hand, 
etc.  The lyrics to this song are awkward, I think, but the production is 
absolutely gorgeous.  I HAVE to stop and listen to it.

>>talks about moving with the angels

>Again, I see that as an expression. Like you're moving above the average 
>work-a-day world. That's a good description of how it feels to be freshly 
>in love.

Heheh.  I guess it is that.  But when he chooses that word "angels," he's 
invoking spiritual imagery.  He's talking about his soul soaring up (to join 
the stars of rock and roll?).

BTW, I really like that word "glitter" that W.D.  Keller has on his site 
better than the "theater" that we got in the "official" verison of the 
lyrics (which also insisted it was "bucks" instead of that other word that 
Roger actually sings).  I can't make theater work in the song very well.  
Glitter is about stars.


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