The Who's reputation

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Jul 16 22:18:24 CDT 2004

>I read that as like saying "God help me!" or "Oh, God." An expression 
>rather than a specific nod. I
don't know that Pete's very spiritual these reports.

>it seems to me Pete has become increasingly more realistic and (I guess I'd 
>have to say) socially-oriented and gotten away from spiritual matters. A 
>Kinks fan (like me) might say he's writing
more like Ray Davies these days...about specific individuals, rather than 

Apparently Pete did go through a period (perhaps concurrent with his solo 
period) where he drifted away from spiritual matters.  One of those pages on 
Meher Baba that I posted last week had a section where he sounded about like 
Schrade discussing Christianity.  However, he posted a diary in maybe 1999 
or 2000 where he said that taking up The Who again had brought him back to 
Meher Baba.

Odd that Pete feels it, too.  Go out on the road with The Who and come back 
in touch with the univeral truth.


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