That big wheel

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Fri Jul 16 21:47:56 CDT 2004

>>What are these folks hiding from?

>His "superiors," they're hiding their unattractive traits.

What about:
1) death
2) fear
3) insecurity
4) old age
5) spiritual failure

>>What is that big wheel he's talking about?

>This is just a guess, but the imagery of a spinning wheel is usually in 
>reference to Fortuna's (Fortune) wheel. From here, I'm a bit hazy. Fortuna 
>is a mythical character (one of the Fates?) who spins a wheel of life 
>outcomes for us mortals. I suppose in this case, Pete's spin came up on
thinning hair.

I believe Fortuna's wheel had elements of good and evil, or good luck and 
bad luck, whichever you'd prefer.  It also has connotations of infinity, 
because it has no beginning or end.  There's actually a game show named 
after this wheel.  ;)

>I always thought it was just time passing.

See below:

1) The flat wheel of the solar system spinning (same as time passing?)

2) The universe spinning (this seems to be a common interpretation)

3) A roulette wheel (same as Fortuna's wheel?)

4) A prayer wheel (to have your own digital wheel, click here)

There ARE some spiritual interpretations here, Mark.  I think the fact that 
you see no spirituality in this song has to do with your interpretation.  If 
we consider that these people may be hiding behind a false front from the 
inevitability of death and/or from the frightening realities of the world 
and that the big wheel is a symbol from an animistic religion, then maybe 
this song has strongly spiritual elements after all.

I love this song.  It is one of Pete's absolute best.


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