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Fri Jul 16 11:22:26 CDT 2004

> I disagree.


Damn! Now I'm in trouble.

> I think that to get to a point in your life where
you have the goods to feel "beautiful" despite your
physical appearance can be a
spiritual experience.

I would say it "can be," but also that it doesn't have
to be. One would hope that even non-spiritual types
can mature past physical appearance being a major
factor. I fear mankind will never QUITE to the point
where it's not a factor at all, but it's something to
shoot for at least.

> Where else would the feeling come from?

Realization. Even the best looking person ends up with
clacking teeth and sagging skin (unless they die
first). Also many beautiful personalities can be
housed in rough exteriors.

> I agree that maturity is moving beyond the teen
angst which comes from
constantly comparing yourself to your idols or peers.

Which I THINK Pete is writing about in RGLB. And Quad,
and Tommy...think he's obsessed with it?

> But when the singer in RGLB states that "God gave
him the grace" and the
capacity to experience pure "sweet sweet sweet love",
that's spiritual.

I read that as like saying "God help me!" or "Oh,
God." An expression rather than a specific nod. I
don't know that Pete's very spiritual these

> At least to me. To channel real love is a gift from
"something above."

You've got a good point.

> Who else could write this but but the master of Rock
angst himself now
staring at a 60 year-old man in the mirror.

On that you'll find no disagreement from me.

> What strikes me is the notion that a 60 year-old man
looking in the
mirror arguably has more angst than a teen.


Pete DOES seem to be able to recapture that teen angst
with conviction.

> yourselves, you start to age and face the ultimate
conclusion.  That's a BIG thing to face.

As you're fond of pointing out, I'm staring it in the
face myself. And my response is: if this is old age,
it ain't bad. I still feel like I'm 20.

> Life is going to get mighty strange.

That's a fact. It's already mighty strange.

> In a way, I *do* hope I die before I get too damn
We will all be so insignificant soon.

Speak for yourself, buddy. I plan to continue stomping
on the tundra.

> Well, like many of Pete's best songs, you can delve
through these for meaning.


Perhaps, but it seems to me Pete has become
increasingly more realistic and (I guess I'd have to
say) socially-oriented and gotten away from spiritual
matters. A Kinks fan (like me) might say he's writing
more like Ray Davies these days...about specific
individuals, rather than groups.

> What are these folks hiding from?
> What is that big wheel he's talking about?

His "superiors," they're hiding their unattractive

> This one is a little more mysterious (what man?), 

ANY man. And none of us are "bad right through." At
worst, a LOT of people are unaware of the consequences
of their actions, or are mistaken in what they believe
the results will be (being as non-political as I can
be). For me and people like me, it's ALL about what
our current actions do to the future. I would count
Pete in amongst us.

> We won't love him more if he keeps his soul on the

That IS an expression, though. It's someone who keeps
his emotions hidden, which is oft seen as being
stronger than someone who is willing to let people
know he's human.

> I know a man who's a man

Pete's saying that it's more manly to be true to
yourself rather then pretend to be a cold, unfeeling

> talks about moving with the angels

Again, I see that as an expression. Like you're moving
above the average work-a-day world. That's a good
description of how it feels to be freshly in love.

> positive.  Is Pete moving out of his cynical phase
and into a new idealism?

I hate to quote Asia, but "only time will tell."

> There are boots of that Filmore show, right?


I've never seen any. You can get the `68 show.

> When I called the IOW version embryonic, it was
because it's incomplete, if
I remember correctly, compared with the Young Vic
version which is closer to
the studio version (except where Roger forgets the

I think a lot of times, you get what you get when you
get it.
If you know what I mean. There has to be plenty of
times they're playing a song because they feel they
have to, rather than because they're excited about it.

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the post-Saddam Iraq the U.N. will definitely need to
have a role."
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