Billboard: Isle Of Wight '70 Roundup

Jim M petenotped at
Fri Jul 16 10:21:12 CDT 2004

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> > Naked Eye is [on the IOW recordings], but it's embryonic.
> Actually, they'd been doing it for a while and I
> believe had already recorded it by then. The earliest
> live version I can find in a quick search is 5/6/69
> (NYC, Fillmore East). I think the band just wasn't as
> inspired at IOW...perhaps they were tired.

There are boots of that Filmore show, right?  I've downloaded some of it,
but haven't got Naked Eye.  Can anyone give an account?

When I called the IOW version embryonic, it was because it's incomplete, if
I remember correctly, compared with the Young Vic version which is closer to
the studio version (except where Roger forgets the words).

Jim M

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