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Thu Jul 15 22:42:54 CDT 2004

>>don't feel "Eminence Front," "One Life's Enough" and "A Man is a Man" have 
>>a strongly spiritual quality.

>They don't, with the possible exception of OLE. I'd forgotten about that 
>one, intentionally so I imagine. Not one of my favorites. EF and AMISM are 
>both about social issues, not spiritual ones.

Well, like many of Pete's best songs, you can delve through these for 
meaning.  What are these folks hiding from?  What is that big wheel he's 
talking about?

The drinks flow
People forget
That big wheel spins, the hair thins
People forget
Forget they're hiding
The news slows
People forget
The shares crash, hopes are dashed
People forget
Forget they're hiding.

This one is a little more mysterious (what man?), but Pete's talking about a 
soul and a heart and a hand here, and badness, as opposed to goodness we 
presume.  Again, these seem like spiritual elements to me.

I know a man who was once like you
But he opened his heart
No one is really bad right through

A man is a man
He can fall he can stand
We won't love him more if he keeps his soul on the ice
I know a man who's a man

A man is a man
When he can offer his hand

>That may be, but it's a social thing not a spiritual one. There's nothing 
>spiritual about one's appearance. Getting past that sort of thing is 
>maturity, not spirituality.

David has already covered this one pretty well.  Just on the surface, Pete 
talks about moving with the angels (BTW, have we seen this word "glitter" 
before?), and then later he talks about what God has given him.

And I felt then
That I moved
With all those lucky fucks and angels
High in the glitter in the sky

God gave him a face
Then he gave me something above
God gave me grace
Then he gave me your sweet, sweet, sweet love

This particular song is interesting, as it does aspire to be uplifting and 
positive.  Is Pete moving out of his cynical phase and into a new idealism?


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