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Thu Jul 15 22:18:56 CDT 2004

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> The photos in the booklet from the remaster and deluxed ed. are from

Now, there's an idea!

There's really only one shot in the re-master booklet that shows the hall.
It's a pretty cool long exposure with the band blurred because of their
movement.  It's taken from the balcony on the right of the hall and shows
the first few rows of the crowd and the left side balcony.  If I'm ever
anywhere near Leeds, I'll make an effort to find that room and just stand
there.  If it still exists, of course.  I think I've read that it was the
university refectory.  I'd like to go in there with LAL playing on
headphones and just sit there and soak it in.

By the way, someone (Jo?) asked about a quote a few weeks ago that I just
read in that booklet.      It was from an interview the day of the Leeds

Keith: "...We are difficult to record because we don't work any different in
the studio to on stage.  Drumsticks are in the air when they should be on
drums and arms are flying when they should be on guitar..."

Jim M

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