U2 album missing (no Who)

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Thu Jul 15 18:18:38 CDT 2004


Entertainment - AFP
U2 hunt album lost or stolen in photo shoot

Thu Jul 15,11:53 AM ET

NICE, France (AFP) - Police in southern France were investigating the 
disappearance of a rough cut of the forthcoming album by Irish rock group 
U2, amid fears it could be posted on the Internet months ahead of the 
official release.

Singer Bono, who has a house on the Cote D'Azur, and the three other members 
of the band paid a discreet visit to police headquarters in Nice on 
Wednesday to give statements about the possible theft, which took place 
during a photo shoot at a recording studio in the city, police said.

Altogether some 20 people who were present at the Victorine studios on 
Tuesday evening were being questioned, they said.

"We have to be careful. Was it lost or was it stolen? An enquiry is 
underway," said one officer.

"We have numerous theories -- from the fan who wants the rough cut for his 
collection to the web specialist who wants to be the first to put it out," 
he said.

The as yet unnamed album is expected to be released in November.

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