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Thu Jul 15 13:30:09 CDT 2004

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> >I still haven't seen the video,
> WHAT???????????
> Jim, you're kidding?????????????
> Holy, get yer butt away from the puter and go get that DVD, Batman!
> While it may not be their best performance, it's an incredible one,
>'s clearly the best live Who footage.
> If you haven't seen it you are missing a huge part of Whostory.
> Just seeing Keith jumping off his chair and landing on down-beats is
> worth the price of admission.

Look, I had a major Who hiatus from 1991 to about 2001.  During that time,
the only Who related items I purchased were the LAL re-master and Psycho-D
(both versions).  I missed the Quad tour, when I was living in London and
they played Hyde Park on my 30th birthday (Doh!  What an idiot).  I missed
the 2000 tour because I was so let down by 1989.  Actually, I was barely
even aware the 2000 tour happened.  I had no idea how much they had regained
their passion until I watched the concert for New York.  Better late than
never, I guess.

My IOW deficiency is a situation that will be rectified very shortly.  I
will be going to one of the August 9th cinema screenings (won't that be
cool!) and fully intend to purchase the *new* *re-mastered* *HD* DVD when it
is available, on August 10th.

> Run, don't walk.
> It's that good.

Nothing I can do for another month, unless I want to overpay for a second
hand, inferior version of the DVD.

> While I'd *love* to see LAL on video, I'm thinking the festival
> atmosphere and scenes of fans partying 'out in the field', waving peace
> sign (fingers) makes it possibly a step above.
> Could be debated forever, I'm sure.

Well, we've got nothing from Leeds to compare it to, unfortunately.
Personally, I'd just like to have an image in my mind of what Leeds looked
like.  Anybody know of any good still photo's from Leeds on the web?

Jim M

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