Inspector O'Neal & The Indigestor

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Thu Jul 15 10:43:07 CDT 2004

Kevin in VT wrote:

 > Jesus Mc, if you're going to do digest when things get heated (not
checking archives), then at the *very* least read the whole damn thing
before you reply.  You have on many occasions re-started arguments that
had already been settled or stopped.


Nice detective work there.   There is an art to
reading the digest and *digesting* it before
vigorous activity or you may throw up.   Nice colorful
language there eh?


This technique that you just came forward with and
Kevin highlighted is very telling.   You seem like
a reasonable and intelligent who fan but your timing
always seemed late (you probably read emails at night
from your posting pattern).

This is a good discovery which I hope will lead to
better communication ("Communicate communicate...")

I enjoy your posts about your band, The Who, your
concert experiences, and even your basketball career
(I'm a hoopster too).   If you'll be kind enough to
digest the digest (Face The Face reference intended)
before posting, I think we'll be cooking with gas!

Ah... the sweet sense of resolution.


I'm coming out to Akron next week *again*.  I hope
to have those CDs that we discussed with me.  I'll
give you a call - send me your cell # privately.

Joe in Philly 

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