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Thu Jul 15 10:22:40 CDT 2004

From: Sroundtable at
Subject: Re: drama and attack
>> Paul's done that, but you seem to want to ignore him!
>> And don't try to say you didn't see them, they were on the same 
>> digests you're replying to.
>Paul's post was last on the digest,


>so I replied to your post before getting 
>to his.

I knew it!

>I don't get everyone's posts in realtime as many others do.  I am on 
>digest only.

As am I.
As are many, many others.

>I reply to posts as I read them rather than reading all the 
>posts then going back to reply.

And therein lies a major problem with your interaction on this list.
Things often get hashed out, settled, resolved, or stopped, but I always
cringe and wait for you to read your digest, because I *know* you'll
come out with a comment or reply that will start everything back up
And, it has.
Jesus Mc, if you're going to do digest when things get heated (not
checking archives), then at the *very* least read the whole damn thing
before you reply.  You have on many occasions re-started arguments that
had already been settled or stopped.

>Of course I could just make my signature a 
>political comment everyday, but that's kind of a sleazy, back door way
>the rules.

Oh, poke-poke, pick-pick.
No, you don't instigate at all, do you?
Better go polish that halo, it's quite bent and tarnished.

>From: "L. Bird" <pkeets at>
>Subject: Re: Rabbit Diary - ZAK and OASIS-JUNE 26-04-GLASTONBURY
>Zak needs a vehicle.  Is The Who it?

Is that a 4x4??

>>He's gonna move on to levels only Hendrix,
>>Keith, Winwood, the Rock Giants,and his own Dad
>>have reached.............THE TOP............
>>Go for it mate......

The sad reality for all music fans is that it's not going to happen.
Unless he wants to drum for Brittney.
Today's music will *never* reach the level of bands from back 'in the
Music and it's meaning and interpretation is a reflection of society and
societies current ills (or lack of them).

Now, if Bush is re-elected, we may see more anger music reappear as it
did under Bush Sr. with Grunge.

>some listers have reported getting abusive 
>messages in their private email

That's down right psycho and quite alarming.
But, really, what can be done about that?
I for one think that those who do that aren't those that *participate*
on this list.

>leave the list because they don't like to read about the personal
>and name calling.

Who is doing all this "name calling??"
I'm sorry, but I don't see it.
And, the word "attack" is really being overused and makes simple
disagreements seem like murder attempts.
Much of this is getting blown *way* out of proportion.
It's not nearly as dramatic as some want to make it out to be in an
attempt to gain sympathy.

>From: Jdtr006 at
>Subject: Re: Bowl seats/PignWhistle/Pre-Pre
>We are going to the pre-show, night of the actual 
>concert. Will "The Who Show" be playing that night too? Sandy

Wow, that would be strange.
A bit much for me.
But, that's just me.
Don't miss out on time to chat with fellow fans by doing too much other
<a couple of pennies>

>From: "L. Bird" <pkeets at>
>Subject: Pete vs. Moore
> End with Pete's quote about willful and 
>powerful men.

Not much of a Bush fan, is he?

>From: "Jim M" <petenotped at>
>Subject: Re: [Oddsandsods] Billboard: Isle Of Wight '70 Roundup
>I still haven't seen the video,

Jim, you're kidding?????????????
Holy, get yer butt away from the puter and go get that DVD, Batman!
While it may not be their best performance, it's an incredible one,'s clearly the best live Who footage.
If you haven't seen it you are missing a huge part of Whostory.
Just seeing Keith jumping off his chair and landing on down-beats is
worth the price of admission.

I'll never forget when I got it.
New to The Who on the computer, I was lucky enough to find a bloke who
made a copy of his Japan Laser Disc version for me (this is way before
the official release).
When I got it, I took it to Stu in MD's house.  Laughing, we carried it
together gently, and placed it in the VCR while humming.  It was the
Holy Grail!
Turned the lights low, altered our state of mind, and sat back.
Laughed, sat in silence, picked our jaws up off the floor, shook our
heads, slapped our hands on our foreheads like "holy shit how'd he do

Run, don't walk.
It's that good.

While I'd *love* to see LAL on video, I'm thinking the festival
atmosphere and scenes of fans partying 'out in the field', waving peace
sign (fingers) makes it possibly a step above.
Could be debated forever, I'm sure.

>Does anyone know if there is any video of that show (IOW), no matter
how amateurish?

None that I've seen.
Or, from the show the next day at....(damn memory)....from.....
little help!
...that makes up the LAL album.

>Or, the Tanglewood show from 30 Years.

There's definitely vid. from Tanglewood.

On a personal Who-related note...
I'm in a provider office yesterday afternoon giving a seminar...
quiet music playing in the background (didn't even really give it a
second thought...thought it was Musac)..
Then, the beginning of Baba starts.
It was all I could do to keep my head in the game!
*TOTALLY* distracting trying to talk and hearing "teenage waste land"
being sung in the background.
A twilight zone moment...
I had to chuckle.

"Tell that to my two opponents, and his running mate."
George "cocaine is a terrible drug" Bush
("Cocaine is a terrible drug" is a quote by Rick James.)

Kevin in VT

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