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Thu Jul 15 09:22:17 CDT 2004

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> There's nothing spiritual about one's appearance.
> Getting past that sort of thing is maturity, not
> spirituality.


I disagree. I think that to get to a point in your life where you have the
goods to feel "beautiful" despite your physical appearance can be a
spiritual experience. Where else would the feeling come from?

I agree that maturity is moving beyond the teen angst which comes from
constantly comparing yourself to your idols or peers.

But when the singer in RGLB states that "God gave him the grace" and the
capacity to experience pure "sweet sweet sweet love", that's spiritual.

At least to me. To channel real love is a gift from "something above." It
transcends all this earthly bullshit. And that is the spiritual uplifting
song which uses the façade of Rock and Roll (beauty, glamour, Elvis,
commercial success) as a foil for the final message.

Who else could write this but but the master of Rock angst himself now
staring at a 60 year-old man in the mirror.


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