Billboard: Isle Of Wight '70 Roundup

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Thu Jul 15 08:10:03 CDT 2004

> IMHO, it's far from the best concert of their
> career, it wasn't even the
> best concert they played that year.


Very true. It's a bit uneven. Pete and Rog are "on,"
but it sounds like Keith is holding back and John
isn't as powerful as other shows I've heard.
Leeds, in comparison, is more balanced.

> Am I being unrealistic
hoping the re-master might improve that?


Probably. If you've heard the event soundtrack CD set
(Message Of Love), most of the bands sound much the
same as the The Who's IOW sound quality.

> Naked Eye is there, but it's embryonic.

Actually, they'd been doing it for a while and I
believe had already recorded it by then. The earliest
live version I can find in a quick search is 5/6/69
(NYC, Fillmore East). I think the band just wasn't as
inspired at IOW...perhaps they were tired.

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