[Oddsandsods] Billboard: Isle Of Wight '70 Roundup

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Thu Jul 15 07:46:33 CDT 2004

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> It's probably asking too much to put the songs in the correct running

Amazon has the DVD listed as a pre-order with a tracklisting that has Tommy
last.  Sorry.

> I love how the myth of this show grows with each re-telling.  It was not a
> hour show, like most shows of that tour it was shade under 2 hours.  They
> didn't smash their instruments, unless you count one of Pete's pedals.

All that should be pretty apparent from the film, right?

> IMHO, it's far from the best concert of their career, it wasn't even the
> best concert they played that year.  It was a typical great show of the
> not much different than the show before it or after.

I still haven't seen the video, but I'd have to agree, from listening to it.
I think Leeds is far superior.  I think part of that has to do with the
recordings.  Isle of Wight lacks the puch of Leeds.  Am I being unrealistic
hoping the re-master might improve that?  I also feel like the set was in
transition at IOW.  A Quick One was gone and the Lifehouse songs were
starting to creep in.  But, Water is one of my least favorite songs from
that period and I'd have rather had several others before Don't Know Myself.
Naked Eye is there, but it's embryonic.

Imagine having a video like this of Leeds.  That would be my dream.  Does
anyone know if there is any video of that show, no matter how amateurish?
Or, the Tanglewood show from 30 Years.  They must have filmed that whole
show.  Actually, I think the sound is much better on that segment than the
IOW CD.  Hopefully the re-master will put that right.

Jim M

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