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L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Jul 14 23:08:53 CDT 2004

>I'm not complaining. I'm making an observation.

>>that Pete's recent songwriting isn't spiritual or uplifting?

>Not spritual, I'd say. Uplifting, certainly.

So your observation is that Pete's writing is still uplifting, but no longer 
especially spiritual?

>>When did this start to happen?

>It's not a definite date, but things started to slide after Quad. And 
>probably over by It's Hard or Iron Man.

Well, I dunno.  It's hard to know when he actually wrote particular songs, 
but I REALLY love three of his songs on IT'S HARD.  There are also a couple 
that annoy me, which is unfortunate, and therefore reduce the time this 
album stays in my cd player.  I'm surprised that you don't feel "Eminence 
Front," "One Life's Enough" and "A Man is a Man" have a strongly spiritual 
quality.   If anything, I'd say they opposite of what you've said, that 
they're spiritual, but not especially uplifting.  It's the beginning of 
Pete's cynical period, which he continues with a vengance in PSYCHODERELICT. 
  There are parts of PD that have a strongly spiritual quality, too, but 
it's all bite and yearning.

I'll have to skip over IRON MAN, as I can't judge it well.  It's based on 
someone else's story, for one thing, and Pete doesn't sing it for another.

>>Is it just the most recent two that yout think are unsuitable?

>I don't know about "unsuitable," but in the grand Who scheme of things, 
>they're rather ordinary.

I dunno.  I haven't connected with ORW, but RGLB resonates with !!!UNIVERSAL 
TRUTH!!!.   All kinds of people see them selves in it.  From the iTunes 
file, I didn't like the production, but in the right setting, it could be a 
real gem.


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