Rabbit Diary - Chopsticks

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Wed Jul 14 12:33:42 CDT 2004


Every body get their Chopsticks ready in Japan. 
The Who are on the way. Ya'll party down ok? 
Then Australia, watch out. You're gonna have to 
have a very loud crock that will bellow louder than 
We do.......... 
Oh Yeah....bring your Koala Bears with you. 
Then, Hawaii.....ooo...Hawaii.I never been there, 
wonder if I should take a warm coat....... 
Maybe I'll try the Hawaiian delicacy, molton lava 
sandwiches........Then West Coast, always a winner. 
L.A.,,,,Frisco.....2 of my best places to go. 
Hi friends in L.A and Frisco....... 
Then back home to UK to see what happens next, right? 
Ya'll wish us all Luck on our journeys across the Planet, 
and think of our safety and return so we can continue 
to share happiness and pleasure with you all. 
It's such a Great Buzz hearing ya'll screaming and 
yelling out there. That really is the 'pay-off' for doing 
the gigs, money's there too, but everybody knows it takes 
money to do what we do, the way we do it, so you guys 
can have a good time too. But the real buzz for us 
is that we were all born musicians. It didn't just happen. 
We were brought here to do music. That is our purpose 
in Life. We do it till we die.......... 
That's why the crowd reaction pays us back for our hard work 
just making it possible for you audience types to make 
your tickets worth it, and you're obbessiveness 
to come to as many of our shows as you can, and do. 
Thank ya'll forever........ 
John Rabbit Bundrick

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