Rabbit Diary - ZAK and OASIS-JUNE 26-04-GLASTONBURY

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13 July, 00:45 ZAK and OASIS-JUNE 26-04-GLASTONBURY 
Written on 2004-06-26 01:07:28, 756 views. 

I just watched Zak perform with OASIS at the 
Glastonbury Festival about an hour ago. 
Zas was amazing with Oasis as he is with us in the Who, 
and because his age is close to the guys in 
Oasis, it meant Zak really looked good, 
he looked the part with the others cause 
they are the same age. Zak looked very much 
at home, if you know what I mean............. 
Oasis will never be the band that the Who are, 
but they are still substantial for a musician 
like Zak. He loves music, all kinds of music, 
and I'll bet there's not many styles of music 
he wouldn't have a go at. But he really looks 
like he fits the bill for these guys. 
We love our Zak, and only want happiness 
for him, whether it's success or personal 
happiness, or both. But we want him to play 
music with us on-stage too, so I hope he 
don't forget me......ha....I noticed 
Oasis had a keyboard player. I never heard him once, 
don't even know who he was............. 
but sure enough, hidden behind Noel, there he was, 
hidden by a huge hammond, in the dark, never a note heard. 
Somebody explain it to me.........Why do guitar bands hire 
keyboards, knowing that they never want to hear 
anything but their own guitars, and they don't want the audience 
or tape machines to hear their keyboards either, 
so what's the point. 
Why do bands like that hire a keyboard player 
in the 1st place?.........somebody answer 
that for the ol' Rab?............ 
Anyway, Zak is a star in his own right, without 
his Dad's name. Zak is a STAR.....He got his gift 
of music from his Dad, but like a smart Dad, he 
let Zak learn in his own space and tastes, and Zak 
makes his Dad really proud, I know. I've seen Zak 
with his Dad, and they are proud of each other. 
I saw in their faces. Father and Son....... 
no mistaking the proud family look in the face and eyes. 
They are all lovely people, Zak and his family. 
Zak's a young man, ya'll watch out for him in the 
future. He's gonna move on to levels only Hendrix, 
Keith, Winwood, the Rock Giants,and his own Dad 
have reached.............THE TOP............ 
Go for it mate.......... 
John Rabbit Bundrick 	

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