[Oddsandsods] Billboard: Isle Of Wight '70 Roundup

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Wed Jul 14 20:42:10 CDT 2004

> Townshend's full 40-minute interview can be found on
> the "Wight" DVD, which features DTS sound and a
> digitally restored picture from the original
> negatives. The show sports a complete performance of
> the rock opera "Tommy," plus a storming run through
> Mose Allison's "Young Man Blues," the John
> Entwistle-penned rarity "Heaven and Hell" and such
> favorites as "Magic Bus," "My Generation" and "I Can't Explain."

It's probably asking too much to put the songs in the correct running order?

> The band's set ran from 2 to 5 a.m., and featured
> Entwistle decked out in his infamous skeleton outfit.
> As was a common practice at the time, band members
> destroyed their instruments once the show concluded.

I love how the myth of this show grows with each re-telling.  It was not a 3
hour show, like most shows of that tour it was shade under 2 hours.  They
didn't smash their instruments, unless you count one of Pete's pedals.
IMHO, it's far from the best concert of their career, it wasn't even the
best concert they played that year.  It was a typical great show of the time
not much different than the show before it or after.


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