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L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Jul 14 19:26:46 CDT 2004

Did anyone post this yet:

The bands legendary performance at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival is being 
reissued on DVD, into theatres and onto the home screens in August.

The DVD version, which has been remixed into 5.1 sound and features Hi 
Definition restored vision, will also feature a 40 minute interview with 
Pete Townshend as an extra feature.

The DVD will be released by Eagle Rock On Aug 10. Prior to that a theatrical 
release, which includes 10 minutes (of Pete's full 40 minute) interview 
material, will be released into 49 cinemas on Aug 9. Finally, a TV broadcast 
version will be broadcast on the INHD Hi-Definition network on Aug 14.

For details of where to catch the theatre release and to book tickets, go to 
the Regal Cinemas website at


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