Moore responds to Pete

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Jul 14 19:07:59 CDT 2004

Here's the pertinent excerpt:

>In response to Townshend's comments, Moore released a statement Tuesday 
>(July 13) in which he suggested that some of Townshend's ire stems from 
>Moore turning down a request to make a movie about the Who.

"Last year," he said in the statement, "the Who asked me to do a documentary 
on their career. I was sorry I had to tell them that due to my need to 
finish 'Fahrenheit 9/11' I would not be able to make their film for them. 
... I am sorry I wasn't able to do the Who documentary like they wanted me 
to, but this is certainly no way for Pete to show his anger, and frankly it 
is very embarrassing for him to behave in this manner, as he is the greatest 
rock star who ever lived."

—Alyssa Rashbaum


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