drama and attack

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Wed Jul 14 11:05:41 CDT 2004

>Sroundtable at aol.com 
>drama and attack
>You and Mark are the only ones here who ever attack me.

Sure, and you stand there in a white robe with a halo over your head.
Your blinders prevent you from seeing your own instigating (repeatedly)

>You stated

"And now the recap of the news, by Mc...."
>That's an attack.

Would that be a Mac Attack, or a Mc Attack??

>dramatic, again?

You are troll-boy.

>I think these personal matters need to be addressed off-list.

No, I think you should just shut up.

>but I think a great rule would be 
>not to pre-emptively mention individuals themselves negatively on list
>but personal disputes shouldn't be here.

Spoken like the true master!

Kevin in VT breaks into song..."Go to the *mirror* boy (bum, bum, bum,
bum-bum-bum-bum)...Go to the Mirror *BOY*!"

>  Let's wipe the slate 
>clean and see if we can move on.

Paul's done that, but you seem to want to ignore him!
And don't try to say you didn't see them, they were on the same digests
you're replying to.

Kevin in VT

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