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> Mc:
> Is that incontovertible?

How is unemployemnt rate defined by the Bureau of Labor statistics?  Do ya 

> >open for 5% of the state in heavily Republican areas
> (2 to 1) was totally 
> irresponsible and likely cost Bush several thousand
> votes
> In 11 minutes? HA! Get a grip!

If you ever would actually the read the stuff you send out, or the posts you 
reply to, I was CLEARLY and INCONTROVERTIBLY referring the the networks 
reporting that the polls had closed in ALL of Florida, leaving out the fact that 
polls were open for another hour in the "panhandle."  THIS is what likely cost 
Bush several thousand votes, and was what several of the articles you sent me 
referred to.  The 11 minutes probably cost some votes, too, as I CLEARLY 
explained in my post but you wither ignore or didn't get.

Now let's end this thread or at least keep it off list from here on out.  If 
you feel the desire to comment on this post on-list, I will not respond and 
allow you the last word.


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