drama and attack

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Wed Jul 14 10:40:33 CDT 2004

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> If that's an agenda, then you're as dramatic as poor old attacked Mc.
> Everyone is attacking him.
> He has everyone's sympathy.
> Come on.

You and Mark are the only ones here who ever attack me.  You stated 
previously that I have a "narrow view of life" with no personal knowledge of said view 
other than that I disagree with you politically.  That's an attack.  Now if I 
mention your best buddy's name in a post in ANY way, he goes crazy.  Who's 
dramatic, again?

I think these personal matters need to be addressed off-list.  Of course, I 
will reply on list if I am being discussed, but I think a great rule would be 
not to pre-emptively mention individuals themselves negatively on list and 
reserve any personal issues to private e-mails.  Replying to one's opinions and 
beliefs is fine, but personal disputes shouldn't be here.  Let's wipe the slate 
clean and see if we can move on.


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