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> > Polls closed at 8pm, sir.
> Mc:
> You mean the website isn't accurate?
> (GASP)
> That was my POINT!!! It's ironic that a site which
> pretends Moore was lying is itself not telling the
> truth. 
> Isn't it.
> >the air insisting that people not buy in to what the
> >networks were saying and 
> >that Florida was a toss-up.
> You know, it's funny about that. The polls showed him
> trailing in Florida, the exit polls showed he hadn't
> won (and oddly enough have been completely accurate in
> every other case since they began doing them) and in
> fact the votes DID go against him...if you counted
> them the way Bush's lawyers insisted they be counted,
> if only they hadn't STOPPED THE COUNTING several
> times.
> So the funny thing is why he thought he had a chance
> to win...maybe someone told him something before the
> voting?
> >mistaken.  This is an incontrovertible fact.
> One problem you have is you have too many
> "incontrovertible facts" that end up being nothing of
> the sort.

You already made an extensive post in response to this message.  Why are you 
commenting yet again on it prior to any response from me?  Beating a dead 
horse?  A bit obsessed with old Mc, are ya?  Why the excessive posts?  And BTW, 
this is the first "incontrovertible" fact I made a mistake on.  You are the only 
one who denies absolute facts.  You wouldn't admit the sky is blue if I was 
the one who said it was.


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