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>> Did they
>> really stand for something
>> besides turning incredible songs into Rock and Roll
>> sensationalism and
>> blowing the both of us away in the process?
> Yes. Pete's songs were about raising ourselves
> spiritually, becoming more than we are now. Course,
> like I said, all that's out the window now.

Exactly, Pete's songs. They are what Pete stood/stands for. When it comes to
philosophy, I separate the band from the man. The other guys hardly knew
what Pete was trying to say half the time. But that didn't keep them from
one hell of an interpretation.

> The music transmits the
> message. Reading the lyrics alone doesn't inspire like
> hearing it driven forward by the power of The Who.
I'm sure you saw the Sadler's Wells performance of Lifehouse. Was this a
compromise by Pete to you? It certainly wasn¹t The Who. But I think it was
Pete at a very happy place, in utter control. I really liked it, but this is
a completely different act.
Now that you get me to thinking about it, The Who was/is the business wing
of his own musical expression. Many fans never delve into deeper meanings,
they just want kick ass rock and roll. And The Who delivered. For those that
want a bit more substance, you invariable turn to Pete and his lyrics.

Strangly, for me at least, it is Daltrey's interpretations that make these
lyrics resonate so strongly in my soul. The man in the pulpit reading from
the divinely inspired book if you will. Daltrey pisses of Pete so much
because he delivers something extra that Pete can't quite hit. It's this
realization that has lead the two them to work together again. IMHO.

So that said, I suppose that as long as Pete writes and Daltrey sings, I
hope for something meaningful and resonant to listen to. I may begin to
agree that without Moon and Entwistle, stadium thunder is lost. But there is
nothing anyone can do about that now.

>> I still believe this is where Pete will take his
>> rightful place.
> It doesn't help for him to become an oldies show.

So Arnold Palmer still make the Seniors rounds and doesn¹t even win. Will
that diminish his legacy to golf such that he should he just throw down his
clubs? Odd comparison I admit. I'll leave it. As evidenced by the recent
youth reactions at the Isle of Wight, The Who is not relegated to oldies
status as far as performance is concerned, yet.

I sincerely hope that Pete and Roger with whatever band that supports them
leave us with another hearty meal of musical moment, a little less
thunderous perhaps, but with just as much heart, brains and talent as befits
these two elder statesmen from a special place in all our lives. Naysayers
be damned.

What I think you mourn is the loss of the Rock and Roll ethos. Were Keith
and John still with the band, I dare say you'd still mourn. Rock is dead.
Long live the music. Really, it's apparently your livelihood.

> I'm not familiar with the term "Sandlapper"

It's a nickname for South Carolinians. Especially from the lower part of the

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