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Jim M petenotped at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 13 15:49:44 CDT 2004

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> >This sounds great.  Is this a new re-master job, or has this version been
> >in theaters before?
> I believe it says on the site that this is the remaster job.  It's only
> selected theaters, likely in large cities, so be sure and check the
> "ticketing" page to see where it's playing.

It does say it's re-mastered.  I'm looking for a little more info.

According to Amazon, the CD was released in 1996 and the DVD in 2002.  It
also looks like the DVD must be out of print, because they only have used
copies at $50 and more.

So, my questions are....Is the version coming to theaters a brand new
re-master, or the previous DVD version?  Is the DVD still available and/or
is there a new DVD version coming out with this theatrical version?

Jim M

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