JEB DVD review 2

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Jul 13 14:59:55 CDT 2004

Here's the other review, not credited to any particular list:

>I'm a little disappointed in this release, it's half the length it should
have been for a start. The performance hits a few high notes, John's solos
are jaw-dropping as usual, but the band screws up more than once and overall
I wouldn't imagine even the band would rate this an outstanding show. The
venue and crowd are odd, was this a warmup on the first day of a festival
that didn't really get going until the next day? Most of the crowd, and
there aren't all that many of them, can't be bothered to get out of their
lawn chairs.

The technical quality is pretty good, nice picture and the audio is punchy,
although I suspect the drummer being an executive producer has something to
do with the drums being way up front in the mix, the guitarist gets
short-changed in that respect. This show comes across best on a big screen
and with the volume cranked, don't try to watch it on the kitchen tv.

The interviews and behind-the-scenes sections are good but there could have
been a lot more of them, seeing John at work in his home studio makes me
want to see more. The whole thing feels like they ran out of money half way
through the project and decided to release what they had ready to go.
Surely there must be film of previous Entwistle solo bands they could have
sampled, and they obviously interviewed him for this project, why not more
than just a few minutes of the man himself speaking? While I'm happy to get
any video of The Who or any individual members at work, this could just have
been so much better that I can't help but feel let down. Hardcore fans will
snap it up anyway, it's just a shame it wasn't done on a slightly grander

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