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Who was that who asked for reviews? There are a couple up on TheShout today, 
this first of which they credit to O&S:

>Well, I finally found a copy of this at Borders ($19.95)after getting blank 
>stares everywhere else. This DVD is /taken from the Itchycoo Park Festival, 
>Manchester, TN 8/13/99. This is the current site of Bonnaroo Festival. The 
>Itchycoo Park Festival was a disaster, It wasn't all too beautiful . The 
>promoters booked several oldie type bands (Styx, REO, BOC, Dave Mason, 
>Steppenwolf, Starship, etc.) Tickets were $80 for the weekend. The local 
>paper generously claimed 6,000 attended but looking at the DVD it seems 
>more like 600. They expected some 30,000.

Even though I live only about 3 hours away I chose to skip this show to see 
Jeff Beck (in a rare appearence) in my hometown. I made the right choice. 
The heat that weekend was ungodly and John reportedly cut the show short 
because of it. On the close-ups he looks like he just stepped out of the 
shower. Thus the whole show is included on the DVD, a whopping 44m.

Horror Rock, The Real Me, Had Enough, Success Story, Trick of the Light, 
Summertime Blues, Shakin' All Over, Young Man Blues. (Shakin and S. Blues 
are transposed on the disc)

The show was recorded state of the art. Which is why I think this obviously 
less than stellar show was chosen over some of the band's normal shows that 
were also filmed. The DVD is presented in 1:78:1 widescreen. The audio Dolby 
5.1 or 2.0. You also have the option of complete or concert only. The 
complete option has Luongo talking bits in between each song. He talks of 
the band and what John meant to him interspersed with rehearsal footage and 
stuff shot at John's mansion. He is not going to win any Grammy's anytime 
soon. He never looks toward the camera and is obviously reading cards and 
seems to pause when the card is changed. Reminds me of Franken...

The actual show is the best part as expected. There are some misques like 
any normal show. The band gets totally lost during The Real Me and some 
vocals have are screwed up, especially Success Story. The audio is much like 
it was in person whole lotta bass and not much guitar/keys, just the way I 
like this band. There annoying split second blackouts after every song. I 
don't know why since it is the whole concert in order except as noted.

There is also Steve's eulogy of John shown over footage of the band 
rehearsing 905 in John's studio, and shots around the estate. There is also 
a quick interview with John over the ending credits.

LIke I said the only reason this show sees the light of day is because it 
was recorded with the best equipment while better shows weren't. In the end 
it's OK, but every JAE Band show I saw was better.

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