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Tue Jul 13 11:13:31 CDT 2004

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> I watched the coverage VERY closely that night, as well as the follow ups.  
> 7:49 EST was actually 10 minutes before the polls closed in the EST part of 
> FL. 
> Polls closed at 8pm, sir.  Therefore, it was one hour and ten minutes left 
> for voting in the Panhandle, whose polls also closed at 8pm- only in CENTRAL 
> time.  If it was only 10 minutes before the Panhandle polls closed, then 
> George 
> Bush would not have had time, nor would it have been worth it for him to go 
> on 
> the air insisting that people not buy in to what the networks were saying 
> and 
> that Florida was a toss-up.  He clearly did this to try to counter the 
> negative effect on turn-out in the Panhandle.  Ten minutes isn't time to do 
> much of 
> anything in that regard, and his remarks would not have had time to effect 
> anything.  Hence, he wouldn't have done this if there wasn't at least an 
> hour or 
> so left of voting.  I know that polls close in LA the same time they close 
> in 
> MS, AL, TX, and the FL panhandle... 8PM!  Maybe you're not lying, just 
> mistaken.  This is an incontrovertible fact.
> Mc

I stand corrected.  The calls made at 7pm EST that I should have been 
referring to were the calls that polls had actually closed in Florida, when there was 
still one hour left in the CST FL "panhandle."  This is when Bush went on the 
air to remind people that voting in the Panhandle would be open for another 
hour.  The actual calls of FL for Gore weren't until later.  The same logic, 
however, applies.  

The networks telling everyone the polls in FL had closed when they were still 
open for 5% of the state in heavily Republican areas (2 to 1) was totally 
irresponsible and likely cost Bush several thousand votes, and likely many people 
who were then re-informed later that polls were still open decided not to 
vote once they heard at 6:49 CST that Gore had won.  So, though I mis-stated an 
subsequently contovertible fact, the point is exactly the same.  But unlike 
some, I am actually able to admit a mistake when proven wrong (and he knows who 
he is- see UI rate and English grammar).


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